Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Van Gogh He's Not...Just Yet

You wouldn't think this can could be THAT dangerous, despite it's written warnings, but in the hands of a little boy it is. I still have not heard the whole story of exactly how he was so unattended for the amount of time it took to create his masterpiece.

"You know his little yellow dump truck?" "Yes." "Well, it's no longer yellow." This is how I was informed of my son's art work.

Luckily, this is on the side of the house and not the front.

Nothing a little flat black paint can't take care of.

No stone was left unturned in his quest to decorate our yard.

Our deck. One of many, many spots. John has sanded most clean now.

Yikes! My brick, too.

Thankfully, it doesn't stand out quite so much from a distance. It's a thousand wonders there's not a big smiley face here.

Oh, well. At least we're off to an early start for Christmas!


Angela said...

Ok, I'm not laughing AT you.... but I might be laughing. I'm so sorry. But that is just too funny. He is an artist in the making! (I'm sure my day is coming.)

Farmchick said...

My son did something similiar in our large farm garage. We found his "markings" for the longest time after the incident.

Restoration House said...

That is hilarious and horrific at the same time! lol
Thanks so much for visiting me today and becoming a new follower.
I'm now a new follower of yours and can't wait to see what you and your kids come up with next!

Lyndy said...

Oh my goodness! Of course I have no kids, but I'm sittin' here thinkin' oh I would be soooo mad at all that mess.... but it makes for a funny story, huh?