Monday, November 15, 2010

If I Get Fired One Day, I'll Blame It On My 5-Year-Old

As I mentioned earlier this week my son is a stinker (and not always in the literal sense). Each day, our school (where John and I work) dismisses a few minutes prior to John-Heath’s school. This gives one of us the chance to pick him up, though he would gladly give his eye teeth to ride the school bus. To kids who are normally car-riders the school bus is just something awesome I suppose. As a former child who had to ride the bus, I could go the rest of my life without riding on another one and not be sad. The sticky floors, cramped seating, uncomfortable chill in the winter and putrid smells, depending on who your seat-mate is, in the summer - to this I say, “No thanks.” But back to my story...

After John or I pick him up we will most always return to our school to complete some unfinished business. I tutor in the library after hours and John has lessons to make, papers to grade, and grades to enter into grade books (both print and electronic ones). Because of this, John-Heath is able to visit our school every day. His presence rarely goes unnoticed.

First, he must make the rounds and say hello to everyone. He might stop in to see the ladies in the office or check out how things are going with certain teachers, especially those who happen to keep toys or candy in their cabinets. I’d like to say my son is just friendly and never has a hidden agenda but I think some visits might be prompted by the lure of Legos and Hersheys.

After securing a snack, he checks the t.v. monitors in the principal’s office to make sure the security cameras are still working properly. Apparently, he considers this his “job”. From time to time he’ll also swipe some piece of fruit from a basket while he’s there.

The custodians are busy cleaning on our end of the building at this time of day, so he always stops to see how they’re coming along. And, at times, he even pitches in. Just the other day he came home after spending some time with one of these ladies and swept out our garage and then went and cleaned his playroom. John mentioned that if this keeps up we’ll have to put someone of the payroll.

But his favorite person to visit in the entire building is our assistant principal. He’ll usually greet him with a barrage of questions about his job, the building (ours is comprised of two main wings and John-Heath is fascinated with this, so he is always asking something about the north wing or the south wing, and it doesn’t help that the south wing is thought by some to be haunted), the school buses, or any other topic that makes its way from his brain to his mouth. Typically, if he’s not in the library with me or in John’s rooms with him, he is apt to be found following around behind the number #2 man.

John-Heath loves to hide. At home, if one of us returns from having been out he will hide and make the other tell that he has “left home” or “run away”. Then when the one of us that has just returned starts to bemoan the fact that he has gone, he will jump out to surprise us.

This past week, he decided it would be funny to surprise one of the men who evaluates me each year. As it was recounted to us, the ass’t principal was at his desk working when a desk drawer ever so slowly opened. Busy working, he (the AP) took his knee and pushed it back in. A moment later the same drawer slowly opened again. Thinking what is up with this drawer he investigated - only to find a small boy, and not a ghost, hidden underneath his desk

We’re just hoping that when he gets a little older, say in about 5 or 6 more years, he won’t be spending too much time on the other side of that desk.

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Anonymous said...

Toooooo funny...I can just see Copeland now!

Beth B.