Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A Missed Feast

John and John-Heath in line to eat.

We are not off to such a great start to this Thanksgiving week. John-Heath is sick. Just as Ren and I arrived at the Opryland Hotel yesterday to cheer on my school in the state's Junior Beta Club convention and contests I got a call from John who had just received a call from our son's school. Stomach pains and temp. Luckily, my mom was able to watch him. Her diagnosis at the time (based on his activity at her house) was that he was most definately NOT sick. :>)
With his buddy Wyatt.

When I picked him up, and throughout the rest of the evening, he acted as if he felt fine. But, low and behold, this morning at 5 he climbs in to bed with John and me running what appears to be a fever - a high one. So, he and I stayed home today.

All smiles at the thought of a good meal.

I did think about juicing him up really good with Motrin and sending him on so that he could stay, at least, long enough for the kindergarten feast. But, my more mature, motherly side took over and I knew that would be the wrong thing to do - both to him and all the others in the class. I was sooo looking forward to his little feast, though. I still remember Ren's.

Checking out with Ms. Kim.

Parents send in items for the makings of lunch and the little kiddies in kindergarten make homemade vegetable soup, hoecakes, and fruit salad. All the tables are taken from the individual classrooms and put together in the hall for one long banquet table. Then students, wearing their Indian costumes (made out of pillowcases and construction paper headdresses) or dressed as pilgrims, partake in their bountiful feast. And my little boy missed it. Oh well! At least he was able to be there the day last week when the school held it's annual Thanksgiving lunch.

He began with his chocolate cake. And ate every... last... crumb.

P.S. Had to park AT the hotel yesterday ($18. plus tax). Thanks to the flood that came through in May and a giant chain-link fence we were unable to do as we have done in years past and park at Opry Mills and walk over. And, of course, Opry Mills is still closed (again due to the flooding) so there was no shopping to be done, as well.


Farmchick said...

Sorry to hear about the sickness. The school where I teach has had a terrible virus running rampat through the building for the last two weeks. Hope he has a speedy recovery and a great Thanksgiving to all of you.

Tyla said...

Thanks for the well wishes, Chick. His temp has been up and down all day. I just hope it's over by Thursday. Hope your family has a great Thanksgiving too.