Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I Am a Peacock

During lunch one day this past week a co-worker gave me a personality test. It was one that she had done at an earlier training. After answering 18 questions one could be found to have the personality of an eagle, a peacock, a dove, or an owl. While I was very close to the center of the graph I was, nonetheless, found to be a peacock. Here are some things you may or may not know about us peacocks.


are good at persuading and motivating
(Obviously this is not correct, as I am still waiting on John to take my car and have it fixed to rid it of its squeak. And there’s a little issue with the commode in our utility room)

have a short attention
(Okay, this one may be somewhat true)

fear losing our prestige
(If I’m not the wife of a Pleasant Grove Cemetery Committee board member then just who am I?)

are irritated by routine
(I'm torn on this one. While it’s true I do hate to fix my hair or put on make-up each and every morning, I could easily eat out/ order takeout every single day for a month and never tire of it)

are fashionable and stylish
(Umm, at times, like in my dreams. I guess that makes me a wannabe)

are fast and spontaneous
(No, yes)

seek recognition
(Hello? I do blog as a hobby)

are internally motivated by “the chase”
(Flirting with/dating John was pretty nice. Marryin Flea markets and antique stores can be pretty good, too)

gain self worth through recognition and compliments
(I must confess. I do get all giddy when people leave comments)

(Guilty, as charged!)

We are disorganized, excitable and reactive.
(Sometimes, sometimes, usually)

Well, there you have it. Me in a nutshell.


Farmchick said...

Interesting personality test. Hmmm...wondering what I would be.

Tyla said...

I'll have to post a copy of it (the actual test)one day. I was very iffy on some of the questions. I think that's how I ended up almost in the middle.