Monday, November 1, 2010

A Pictorial Halloween Wrap-up

Don't say I didn't warn you. A few posts ago I promised you pictures - and pictures I have delivered! If you are a visitor from afar, like maybe Bangkok, please forgive. These, I suppose, are more for family and friends, though you are most certainly welcome to look too. Enjoy!

Wednesday, Oct. 27
John-Heath's Field Trip to the Pumpkin Patch
With some buddies on the hayride.

A perfect little pumpkin. That orange gourd-like squash was pretty nice too.

It's hard work finding just the right pumpkin. This boy was getting tired.

You know what cures tiredness? Watching a pumpkin get shot from a giant gun!!!

That was awesome!!!

Thursday, Oct. 28
The Night Before the Class Halloween Party
Time to make the goody bags.

John-Heath helped by sorting and counting.
After a name tag, spider and some ribbon we're all done!

Time to take the costume and make-up for a test run. I must say that after this, a party, another party, and Halloween night, we got our money's worth from the colored hairspray and face paint.

Friday, Oct. 29
John-Heath's Kindergarten Class Party

John-Heath and his cousin Jessie the Cowgirl.

A monster and a Ninja make good friends.

I feel sugar-induced wildness coming on.

Saturday, Oct. 30
A Halloween Get-together for Friends from Church
Look at what showed up. Three monsters...

a creepy bride and her grandson...

a Christmas tree and mouse...

A glass of milk and a chocolate chip cookie...

a cereal killer...

a cat...(Jessie, notice that this is NOT posted on Facebook :>). Hope you approve)

A beautiful fairy...
and, finally, some girl dressed as a teenager who didn't feel good and chose not to dress up.

A wagon full of spooks.

Sunday, Oct. 31
John-Heath posing on the front porch with his little pumpkin - the only one he wanted us to carve.

The first stop of the night. We typically only hit a few houses and these include Mr. Scott's and Ms. Rachel's (shown above), Halloween Man and Mrs. Halloween Man (a.k.a. Mr. Joey and Ms. Susie), Ms. Jean (she gives out homemade fudge so we will always go there, even when our kids have grown up and moved away), and family. Sadly, this was the first year we weren't able to visit with Ms. Mabel, as she has moved to an assisted living facility out of town.

Pooh has left the 100 Acre Wood to visit our hometown Trunk or Treat event.

Mr. Myers is giving Haddonfield, Ill. the night off and he's brought along some friends to celebrate Trunk or Treat.
My camera worked beautifully all night long - except for this one shot. If you'll look closely, you'll see John-Heath (in the middle) and Ms. Sherry (to his left). A better picture of them is below. If you'll look to John-Heath's right you'll see some other person. We think this may be the reason behind the paranormal activity going on here. ;>)
John-Heath with Ms. Sherry and her trunk.

My front door wishing you a wonderful Halloween 2010.


Farmchick said...

This looks just like Halloween should be. Lots of fun, spent with family and friends.

Tyla said...

It was just that. We loved every minute of it! Of course, 4 days of celebrating took somewhat of a toll and now I am pooped. lol

Kate (Southern-Belle-Simple) said...

what a fun, fun time! i love seeing pictures of your you really have readers in bangkhok? wow!

Tyla said...

Thanks, Kate. And in answer to your question...not sure about Bangkok, but I have seen where somewhere from Islamabad, Pakistan stopped by. hmmmm.

Crystal said...

Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I have enjoyed looking at your pictures. My paint is Sherwin Williams "Blonde" and I hired out my painting to my husband. lol That means I had to pay him back by continually acknowledging his hard work and coninually praising him. I would say that was "hiring someone out" wouldn't you? :) Seriously, I helped a little but he did do most of the work.