Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Fajitas and Fried Chicken

Ren seems very excited about her Spanish class, even though she and a friend are the only two freshmen in this particular block. To celebrate, I insisted we eat a celebratory meal at the local Mexican restaurant. The kids had soft tacos, John had steak fajitas, and I had chicken nachos. Okay, okay. Actually, I had been thinking about eating out during the day and this was an easy excuse.
I would love to fill my little blog with all the wonderful cuisine I serve my family but the truth is I rather detest cooking. I can cook. I'm not horrible at it - usually. But day-to-day cooking is not something I've ever really looked upon as an enjoyable pleasure. And I must admit that John does more than I when it comes to meal preparation. I did have high hopes when we first married, though.
One Sunday, one of the first after we were finally able to move into the old family home place which had been remodeled for us, I decided to make my darling husband a traditional Sunday-after-church lunch - fried chicken. Yum! Yum! I called my mother Betty, an EXCELLENT cook, and asked how to make it.
She gave me the very simple instructions....
1. rinse off the chicken legs in some running water
2. heat some grease in the iron skillet
3. break an egg and dip the legs into this
4. coat the legs in some flour
5. fry until done in the skillet

5 easy steps. But what momma did not know was that she had a daughter who could always find an easier way to do something. And I did. I would mix my egg and my flour and viola...I would satisfy my husband and do it in less time.

Mental picture of the end result...think pancakes in the shape of a chicken leg. Mmm. Mmm.

We still have Sunday chicken after church. We just have it at the Corner Cafe for $5 per plate.

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