Saturday, January 9, 2010

Snow Days

You gotta love snow days! No matter how old I become I will never cease to get excited at seeing snow fall over our county on the Snow Bird map. Why, you may ask. Well, Snow Bird is the mascot for a local news station (he's a penguin, I think) and when there is snow in the forecast the station will show a map of the counties in its viewing area - called the Snow Bird Report - and if there's snow afallin' on your map you will be having yourself a snow day. And in Tennessee it doesn't take much to get one. A good inch or two will do it.

I haven't decided which type of snow day I like best, though. Is it the surprise snow day? The one where you go to sleep and wake up to find that snow has fallen in your fair corner of the world and, lo and behold, school has been cancelled. Or is it the know-about-it-in-advance snow day? The one where you are anxiously watching the six, nine, and ten o'clock newscasts to see if your school district makes the cut. And then your hear it...Sumner County Schools will be closed...and visions of staying up late with board games, movies, and popcorn begin to dance in your head. I'm really not sure. What do you think?

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Rebecca said...

Your post about the 7 stages of a snow day is circulating among my teacher friends on FB, that's how I found your blog. I'm loving your humor. And you must be close to Nashville, because I remember the Snow Bird Report and have thought of it when here in East Tennessee we are anticipating snow days! I didn't know they still did it in Middle Tennessee!

Loving your blog, thanks for sharing.