Sunday, January 17, 2010

Ren 10 Mom 8

Tonight Ren and I took our places along side each other on the couch for one of this season's award shows, the 67th annual Golden Globes. Regrettably, we missed the People's Choice earlier this month.

Watching these award ceremonies has been a ritual for us since she was just small. She has always had a passion for watching the performances of actors and, I know in her heart, would love to be among them. What young girl wouldn't, right?

Her first acting tendencies were noticed by her dad and me when she would spend hours watching Little House on the Prairie episodes on dvd and would pretend she was a character in the show, all while wearing a prairie-type costume I had had made for her for a 3rd grade oral presentation.

Fast forward from the 3rd grade to tonight. We love these shows. It is so much fun to ooh and ahh over what everyone is wearing and, of course, sneer at those dresses we don't like (more on that to come). Then there is the contest...who can correctly guess the most winners? Neither of us did so hot this time but Ren came out on top. Although she somewhat cheated and rules had to be can only choose one when guessing a winner.

Here's the breakdown of our evening...

Correctly guessed winners: Ren 10 Tyla 8

Best dressed: Ren liked Fergie's dress while I thought Drew Barrymore's dress was very pretty and feminine. I might mention that I just saw where both these were on somebody's worst dressed list. Oh well, what is it they say? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. And our eyes beheld lovely gowns.

Worst dressed: Ren found some little presenter's short black dress with the silver stripe (not sure who this person was) rather yucky while I thought Cher's dress was...well too Cher"ish".

Hottest actor of the night: Ren went for Mr. Clooney who "always looks so put together", she said. I just think Ashton Kutcher is just so darn cute - makes me want to go out and buy another Nikon.

Actor we hoped would win: Ren was pulling for George Clooney while I just love Tobey Maguire.

Actress we hoped would win: Ren thought it would be nice for Gabourey Sidibe (the Precious lead) to win in her category. We were both pleased when Meryl Streep won for Julie and Julia.

Biggest disappointment: Ren and Tyla - Avatar (because it won). Please don't send hate mail.

Bring on the Oscar's!

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