Tuesday, April 27, 2010

100 Facts About Me - Volume 1

I guess we can all agree that it must be a pretty slow day in the news department when I resort to listing facts about myself. Well, anyway - enjoy! Then you can go on with your life secure in the knowledge that should some random person approach you on the street with a camera crew and tell you that you've "just won $10,000,000.00 if you can tell us ten facts about Tyla Creasy" you will be able to retire and move to Hawaii.

1. I only have one sibling, a sister, and I am the baby by 16.5 years.

2. The earliest memory I have is of busting my lip when I was two.

3. Dr. Carter had to wrap me, kicking and screaming, in a sheet to be able to stitch up said lip.

4. I broke my left arm when I was 5 in a game of "Jump or Get Pushed."

5. I got pushed.

6. Predicted to a friend that I would someday marry John - within 2 weeks of meeting him during my freshman year of high school.

7. Did not predict I would marry him twice.

8. Both anniversaries are August 6
(we thought this might be fun for our descendants doing family history research one day).
9. The friend in fact # 6 to whom I made the prediction served as my Maid of Honor at wedding #1.

10. Ren served as my Maid of Honor at wedding #2.

11. I have a scar in the shape of an X under my bottom lip from taking a newly sharpened pencil in the 5th grade and saying "Watch what I can do."

12. I have an almost paralyzing fear of bridges - especially high ones over water.

13. I have an even bigger fear of snakes.

14. I lived in only one house from my birth until I married.

15. I am the daughter of a Baptist minister.

16. I am also a banging-Baptist-piano-player. This is not to say that I'm awesome, just loud.

17. When playing at church I prefer to play hymns a little faster than the composer probably had in mind (you should see how quickly we get through Amazing Grace).
18. The first time I went rolling - that I can remember - I was 23 years old and already employed as a teacher.

19. The first yard I rolled was Marie Short's - a co-worker. I was afraid of her dogs so I rolled by throwing the rolls of toilet paper out the car window.

20. I was paddled by a teacher each year I was in grade school - except 6th grade. Thank you, Mr.Cox!!!
Now - don't you feel more enlightened? See the great things you find out about someone by checking out their blog. Nighty-night, friends.


Anonymous said...

I love your blog, Tyla! You definitely got #17 right, but you are an amazing piano player...love to hear you play. Keep up the good work and posting the interesting blogs.

Love ya,
Beth Browning

Tyla said...

Thank, Beth. The one song on which I can't seem to pick up the pace or it wears my left hand out is "Is My Lord Satisfied with Me". I HAAATE playing that song and Jonathan picks it out about 8 times each Sunday. Not really, but once a month for that one is overkill to me.

Anonymous said...

I know how you feel (about that song)...it's still a favorite of his, huh? Some things never change...lol.