Wednesday, April 21, 2010


John-Heath giving me his best sad face

This week, April 19 - 25 is being promoted as National TV Turn Off Week by TV Turnoff Network. The goal, and a very admirable one at that, is to "show parents and children that watching t.v. doesn't have to be a daily activity." Actually, I feel somewhat ashamed. I, a school librarian, only realized this today. So, I am already in the hole for the week. But I am determined to finish out the week - at least the school week - and be the better person for it.

When I picked Ren up this afternoon and informed her this would be a household event she had to see proof that it was "even a real holiday." So, I showed her my library blog ( Nothing doing. According to her I could have just put that on there to trick her. As if I would post something just for a joke that could be seen on my school's website. But, still, she resisted. "Google it", she demanded. I did. She cried. No, not really. But she did whine and protest a little.

As I posted on my school blog there are three great reasons for less t.v. in one's life. You'll...

  • Become more physically fit

  • Become more intelligent

  • Become a nicer person

We'll see how it goes. Ren may actually be the easier of the two in getting to go along with this. John-Heath can be mighty persistent and he has to have him some Andy Griffith Show most every night.

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