Friday, April 30, 2010

John-Heath's Big Day

John-Heath (center) and two of his buddies. That's Cooper on the right. Until about a year ago John-Heath called him Pooper. They've been together since they were 1 and have what we all like to call a "love-hate" relationship. Their play always turns to fights and when they were small and separated because of this fighting they would cry for each other.

Today I registered my baby boy for Kindergarten. Let me pause for a moment to get a Kleenex. Okay. You still there? Good. Anyway, my baby boy will start kindergarten this upcoming August.

Having scooped out the center of his sausagedog John-Heath finds another use for it - a new nose. I foresee the potential for notes coming home that begin something like..."Mr. and Mrs. Creasy: Today in the cafeteria...."

A quick side story...whenever I call John-Heath my baby or baby boy he replies, "There you go again. You keep calling me a baby boy. I not a baby. Why do you call me your baby?" and I, of course, tell him, "You will ALWAYS be my baby boy".

Each year to welcome the incoming "little fish in a big sea" the school hosts a breakfast for the new arrivals and their parents in which everyone is introduced to the kindergarten staff, expectations, and a school breakfast. John remarked that he wasn't really hungry and I said, "Eat. It's free. Enjoy It. It's free. There's a $60.00 supply fee coming up soon, followed by new school clothes and 13 years of buying magazines, candles, chocolate, and wrapping paper from the school and PTO. This meal? Free. So eat it". Okay, all I really said was, "Eat it. It's free." But I did communicate the rest using my awesome telekinetic powers. Here. I am sending you your very own message right now. Just open your mind to receive it.

Trying to be a good boy. As grace was said over the breakfast he promptly bowed his head and put his little hands together. Then I guess he decided it would be more fun to look around and see what everyone else was up to. I don't guess snapping a picture of him during this time was setting a very good example - although in my defense I didn't even pick up the camera, just slowly moved my hand over on top of it and pushed the button.

For his big day I went equipped with my camera, just as I had 10 years ago when I took Ren to hers. As a two-time veteran of Kindergarten Registration Breakfast Day I can pass along two pieces of advice to you.
1.) Make sure the battery in your camera is charged. If this winds up being a problem you have three options...

A. Become ticked off or cry (depending on your personality).

B. Make your husband go tell the newspaper man who is there taking pictures of the event to take a picture of your son and send you a copy (this could work out to your advantage and get your son featured in the paper).

C. Realize you once taught at this school and go find your teaching buddy who always has her camera on hand.
In case you are wondering, I am an all-of-the-above kinda girl.
2.) Boys and girls are two totally different creatures when it comes to posing for pictures.

Here's how they are different. Girls will. Boys won't.

When Ren registered I was able to take all kinds of pictures of her that day. She and a little friend just hugged and posed. They were two sweet little camera hogs. Today, I'm not sure if I even got one really good shot of John-Heath and some of his little buddies.

Later this evening I asked John-Heath what his faaaavorite part of signing up for kindergarten was and he was quick to say, "cinnamon rolls."

It was a very nice day. Some other things worth mentioning - but it's late so I'll save that for another day. Goodnight, friends.

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