Thursday, April 29, 2010

Four Stages of Momness

And in case we need a reminder of just how fast they grow up there's always a "School Days" photo frame.

Eeeeons ago I came across the following in a magazine while waiting to meet with my doctor. I can't remember the title, author, or even the magazine from which it came. Pretty sure it wasn't Field and Stream, though. I guess I could have googled it but didn't think about that until just now. At any rate, this little poem has stayed with me for 20+ years. I like to think that I can remember it because I just found it so darn sweet. In truth it may be because it is only four lines long.

If you are a mom you can change the gender to make it personal to your situation. I think when I originally saw it it referenced a son, but I will re-write it here for a daughter, as I have experienced three out of the four stages mentioned within it with Ren.

She use to call me mommy at the tender age of four.
And then it turned to momma as she grew a little more.
Later it was mom - with a tone of disrespect.
And now, away at college, she only calls collect.

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