Wednesday, April 28, 2010

There's Some Tag-teaming Going on Here

My friend Chena and I playing a game the other night at her birthday party. Don't we look young for 40? That's me on the left. Okay, okay. This picture is an old one. I just knew the macrame in the background would give it away.

Well, I actually had another post ready to go for tonight, a sweet little poem/post about children and their mothers. However, progress reports came home today from school and now I am not in much of a mood to write a sweet little post about kids. To be fair, the computer I am using at the moment is not accepting the memory card from my camera so I can't upload the photo to go with that sweet little poem/post about children. So it will have to wait until tomorrow.

In the meantime, I can report that I just came home from a very nice dinner date with a friend. This friend is one I have had since elementary school. After we graduated she served as a bridesmaid in my wedding. She lived just down the road from me and we spent many a night at each other's house for sleepovers - telling each other about our latest crushes, gossiping about other friends and watching scary movies. She had a VCR and cable (we didn't have either) so I always wanted to go to her house. It seems our monthly dinner date is now a tradition since this was the second month in a row we have done this. I hope we do keep it up. It's been so fun getting together and reminiscing about old times.

Tonight, we headed up the road a piece to eat at a nice little family diner in Scottsville. Apparently it took us forever to decide what to order because when we ordered hamburgers the waitress commented something like,"All that for a hamburger. Well, bless your heart." I was in a pretty foul mood due to the earlier-mentioned progress report but really didn't feel the need to be blessed. On second thought, we can probably never be blessed enough.

One of the funniest things about the whole evening was what my friend referred to as the "tag-teaming" that was going on with our waitresses. Yes. We had two. It seems one was in training. And, instead of them coming up together like a lot of trainees/mentors will do, these gals would come separately, one right after the other, asking pretty much the same things. And it seemed that the trainee was always the first to come. At one point I began to feel an urge to yell out, "Yes, for the love of Pete, we're fine! We don't need any more sweet tea!! No, we're not finished with our food!!! No, thank you!!!! We don't need a to-go box!!!!! Ooooh, that does sound good. Oreo mudslide cheesecake? Sure. I'll take a slice of that. Just put it in a to-go box".

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