Saturday, April 10, 2010

Skate Date

Today we spent a few hours celebrating Weston Shane's 9th birthday at the local skating rink. Weston is my great-nephew.
I have not been skating in yeeaaarrrrs. My skateless streak remains unchanged after today. But, rewind 25 years, I did quite well whenever I strapped 8 wheels to my feet.
Megan and Jessie lead Ren around the floor. By the end of the party she was able to hold her own (self up).

During the two decades of my youth, the 70's and 80's, it seemed that every town with more than 1,000 people had a roller rink. And while our little town did not, we were surrounded by three other towns that did.
John helping John-Heath, who looked like a newborn colt...all legs and not sure what to do with them.

And almost everyone, at some point in their adolescent years, either attended a birthday party or held their own party at one of these fine establishments. A milestone of my very own life, my 13th birthday, was held at the Portland Skating Center. I think I still have the free t-shirt I received packed away somewhere.

Meg and Dylan (my other great-nephew) who was very focused and dedicated to learning to skate.
Then roller-skating fell out of fashion and many a skating rink was forced to close up shop, including the three closest to my town. And for years we were left without this form of entertainment (even if you didn't skate you could get a kick out of watching others fall). Luckily, a nice new rink opened up in our county seat just a couple years ago, and there has been a re-emergence in this family-friendly past time. And, thankfully, they even play some of the classics from the 80's rinks.

Ren and Megan with the birthday boy.

A partial early/mid-80's roller rink play list
"You Dropped a Bomb On Me"
"Another One Bites the Dust"
"I Love Rock n Roll"
"We Are Family"
Any Journey song for Couples' Skate
And, no birthday party at the skate rink would be complete without "Limbo" or the "Hokey Pokey".
Every limbo boy and girl
All around the limbo world
Gonna do the limbo rock
All around the limbo clock.
Jack be limbo, Jack be quick
Jack go unda limbo stick.
All around the limbo clock
Hey, let's do the limbo rock

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