Friday, April 9, 2010

Scenes from My Lawn Mower

I grabbed my camera and snapped some pics on my last few rounds. This old ash tree came in handy as a place we could hang our little man's tire swing.

Today was mowing day. This is a chore I both love and hate.

My lawn crew

I always take great satisfaction in seeing my scruffy-looking yard become neat and trimmed. Early in the season I also enjoy the peace, tranquility, and reflection that comes from hours of riding over the yard whenever I mow. When mowing almost 5 acres a lot of reflection can take place. During these beautiful spring months I look forward to this little bit of solitude each and every week.

All we need is a picnic table. Can you spot John-Heath's dump truck?

Of course, if I were to be writing about mowing, say, in August I would put an entirely different spin on this chore. Then, in 90 degree heat (or worse) and a whole lot of humidity, 4 hours on a hot engine is not so relaxing.

They look nice but I wouldn't sit in them. I should have taken this one after the weedeating.

Today was a good day. I mowed. John took care of the weed-eating. Ren and John-Heath picked up rocks from the yard. John-Heath thought it was a pretty cool thing to do. Ren...not so much. She was eager to remind me repeatedly that her friends were on their way to various beaches or cruise ships and she was being forced into manual labor. One day, she'll thank me. Or maybe not.

My least favorite part of the yard to mow - between this row of trees and the fence.

And now it is time to retire for the evening, just as soon as I wipe down my right arm and hand with some strong muscle ointment and take a couple Ibuprofin. Goodnight, friends. This gal is tired.

Looking up at one of the hackberry trees. Don't you just love the color of new leaves?

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