Friday, April 16, 2010

What I Did On My Spring Break

Spring break 2010 is coming to an end. This Monday we all, students and teachers alike, head back to the daily grind. Of course, with SB coming so late in the year it won't be long before we are out for summer. It has been a WONDERFUL break. We could not have custom-ordered better weather. Mostly, we just hung around the house and did nothing special but it was nice just the same.


Began spring break with some type of virus

Repainted our master bed and bath

(same color as before, it just needed refreshing-you'll see why below)

Remulched the flower beds, etc.

Cleaned the porches and porch furniture

Sprayed for bugs

Lawn work

Visited nurseries

Added ferns to the porches

Planted annuals in the flower beds and urns


mowed again

mowed yet again

Ended spring break by turning 40 (tomorrow)

Take that all you people who spent yours on a beach or at a spa. I know you're just dying from envy right now.

Not long after moving in to my dream house my little boy, age 2 at the time, suprises me with artwork on my bedroom wall by proudly proclaiming, "Look, Mommy. A circle." Most other rooms in the house have similar tales to tell.

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