Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Easter That Wasn't

I love Easter. It is among one of my favorite holidays. I am sure I did not like it so much when I was small though, as it meant a new Easter dress for church.

I HATED shopping for clothes anytime, but shopping for a new, itchy Easter dress was particularly loathsome. I do remember a time my mother, worn out from dealing with me over the issue, made my sister take me and we ended up in a fight in a JC Penney's dressing room in Bowling Green. I wish I could remember what dress I wore that year and whether or not it was worth all the turmoil.

One itchy, non-Easter dress I do remember was pale green with long sleeves when I was about 4. Oh, how I would cry when it came time to wear it. Luckily, Ren is not as bad as I am about trying on clothes. She can be quite the clothes-horse. She definitely gets this trait from her Aunt Sissy.

One of the great things about Easter has always been getting together for lunch with everyone from my father's side of the family. A Heath Easter always includes great food, games, and an egg hunt. This was to be my second year to host. And the weather was perfect. Unfortunately, the health of many was not. For the first time since we started getting together on Easter we had to cancel. This actually worked out well for me as I, too, ended up getting sick at church. My Easter was spent laying in bed running a fever while listening to my immediate family in my kitchen enjoying the food they had made for the lunch. No ham, dressed eggs, or broccoli casserole for me. I didn't even get to see my little boy participate in the egg hunt at church, except in a few pictures John took.

I'm already looking forward to next year to make up for the things I missed out on this year.

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