Wednesday, November 10, 2010

It's Like Looking In a Mirror

My baby.

John-Heath’s first "official" school pictures have arrived. He’s a cutie. He’s also a little stinker (as is evident by what he he did yesterday to my assistant principal - more to come on that Friday)! While he’s looking more like John as he grows, I can still see a lot of me in him at this point. And there are times, in certain shots of him, it’s almost as if I am looking at pictures of myself at that age, though I always had darker hair. Speaking of hair color, both my children have light brown hair, while John and I each have dark brown hair. Go figure. Of course, I have a friend who is a redhead and has two sisters, a blond and a brunette. Me thinks that’s neat.

Me. A long time ago.

Actually, in this shot John-Heath's hair looks a little darker than it really is.

Then there’s Ren. She looked more like John and his family as a baby. Actually, I have always thought that, in those very first pics of her taken by the hospital after her birth, she looked so much like John’s father that all she needed was a pipe in her mouth and a Stetson hat and she would be good to go. Of course, as she gets older she is beginning to resemble me a bit, too - only a prettier version of me.

I guess it’s all in the eye of the beholder. I think my sister and I favor. My mom has never thought we looked alike. Though the other night as we were looking through old pictures at my sister’s house, I came across one of her (my sister) from about 20 years ago and showed it to my mom and she thought it was me. Then I said, “See? I told you we look alike." To this she replied, “No, you don’t.” lol

So, do your little stinkers look like you, your husband (I assume most of you reading this are women), a relative, or are they completely unique?

THIS JUST IN...Tonight, as Ren and I were sitting in my bed talking about our day, John-Heath crawls in between us and asks, "Is Santa Claus real?" Ugh! He said so with a sheepish little look on his face, like he thought he might already know the answer. My bet is that he heard such a vicious lie at school from some terribly mis-informed child. By the way, John-Heath has landed a plum role in the upcoming kindergarten Christmas music program. He is to be the man in red himself. So, this weekend I'll be looking at Santa costume patterns. I can't wait to see this, as I'm sure there will be some improv going on that night.


Farmchick said...

My son looks just like me and my daughter looks just like my husband. Both funny and weird!

DSKgoatiegal said...

Both my son and daughter look so much like their father...There are 3 years difference in their age and people say they look like twins. I joke to my husband and say that I was only their carrier....They show barely any resemblance of me.

By the way, I think your John Heath looks a lot like you did!