Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Look What Came in the Mail!!!(aka the post in which I throw in a lot of exclamation points)

Okay, this post is waaayyy overdue. But I have been waaayyy busy. Or lazy. Or unwilling to retrieve the pictures from my camera. Take your pick. It’s your call. Anyway, a couple weeks ago, or as John-Heath would say, a long time ago when I was in kindergarten, I was one of the lucky winners of a Halloween giveaway held by Carrot Jello over at Oinkle Doinkle. The day the package arrived you would have thought Ed McMahon had shown up with an oversize check and a bunch of balloons, at least by my son’s reaction. He was thrilled!!! What kid wouldn’t be thrilled at a box full of candy!!! (yes, I know that was a question) And spider rings!!! And masks!!! And pens and pencils!!! And a Casper DVD!!! And bunches and bunches of other good stuff!!!

His favorite? Eyeballs. He was even more impressed when he found out they were made of CANDY!!! Could he be any luckier!!!

My favorite? The card. Hilarious!!! I only know Carrot from her blog but if we lived closer I would most definitely want to be her friend. She is too funny!!! So, thanks for the goodies, Carrot. You made our night!!!

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Farmchick said...

Very sweet to see him so excited. I also am a fan of the candy eyeballs.