Friday, February 1, 2013

An Epic Fail

Last night, the wind was whipping around wildly, the snow was falling, the ground was turning white, and John-Heath and I were dumping ice-cubes in his toilet.  With the blizzard that was ensuing outside we felt sure this small, singular gesture would be enough of a nod to Mother Nature and we went to bed confident we would awaken to a snow day.  There was really no reason on this night to add ice-cubes to the other five commodes in our house, turn our pajamas inside-out, sleep with a spoon under our pillow, or put a white crayon in the window sill.  The ice-cubes in this one bathroom would more than do the trick. 
Let this be a lesson learned...a snowy evening is no time to be a slacker.

We Middle Tennesseans were greeted this morning by the following.  To those of us still in blue, it was not a pretty sight...and tears were shed.

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