Saturday, February 16, 2013

Valentine's Card Idea: Love Bugs

Have I mentioned that I'm a Grade A copycat?  I think it comes from being a teacher.  Teachers are always on the lookout for ideas to enhance their classrooms -whether it be ideas for decor, lessons, games and activities, etc. etc. etc.

Last year, I was torn between two Valentine card ideas to make for John-Heath to pass out to his friends.  I went with this one and decided I would save the other for second grade (this year).  Alas, that idea was put on the backburner once again when I came across these cute love bugs while trolling Google images (I think) one day.

I found and downloaded a free image of a Mason jar and then added text to it using Picasa, purposely leaving out the 'O' in the word "LOVE" so that a red heart could be colored in instead.

I thought finding a big package of plastic bugs would be easy enough.  I was mistaken (somewhat).  I ended up having to buy 4 packages of insects, bats and scorpions at the Dollar Tree to have enough bugs for the cards.  Then it was just a matter of trying to keep John-Heath from playing with all these new toys and concentrate on getting the job done.

Putting his John Hancock on each card...even though he is called by his first and middle name he always simply signs "John" - you can attribute that to him being a left-handed kid who hates to write.  I fully expect one day for him to just identify himself as 'J'.

We I hot glued a little critter to each card.  I heard later that some did not stay put too long, being promptly torn from the card and played with.  It was just too much to resist for some.

  Happy Valentine's Day, LOVE BUG!

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Lyndy said...

I loooove this Valentine! Boy stuff is always to tricky! But you knocked this one outta the park!

Go girl!