Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Sentimental Saturday: Kindergarten

Her first day of kindergarten...carrying a satchel that was almost as big as she was. 

Don't you just love how I keep getting later and later in posting these pics?  That'll teach me to name a series of posts after a day of the week.  Well, as they say (and by "they" I mean perpetually tardy people like myself)...better late than never!

Turning 5.  She was always dressing in costumes, and birthdays were no exception. 
On this particular evening she went from Pocahontas to some sort of circus performer. 

(Top) John and Ren in the garden of "Waverly Place" in Columbus, MS during the summer prior to kindergarten.
(Bottom L)  Napping (R) With John on Easter.

Fun times in school.
(Top L) An "apple smile" during the Thanksgiving feast (L) Donating a book to the school library.
(Middle) Getting ready to ride in the town Christmas parade as her school's Fall Festival Queen.
(Bottom L) Good times with friends before the kindergarten musical program
(Bottom R) Posing with the paper mache dinosaur made by her mostly me to celebrate "D" Week.

Not such a fun time.
The first of three surgeries to remove a birthmark from the side of her face.
The raggedy bear in the picture on the right belonged to Ren's grandmother Shirley before being passed along to John who gave it to her. 
His name is "the Protector" and he is what Ren slept with when she was little.

Have a fabulous "hump day" night!

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