Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Sentimental Saturday: "Formal" Occasions

Yesterday, Ren and I did something that we can both sometimes dread.  We shopped for a formal gown.  The upcoming occasion?  Her senior prom.  In this week's edition of "Sentimental Saturday" - a weekly tribute to my soon-to-be-high-school-graduate-daughter - I thought I would take a look back on some of her formal wear through the years.  She's not had a huge amount of these dresses over the years, not like some girls (for instance, my niece - cough cough), but she's worn her fair share.

First up, the midnight blue satin and embellished velvet dress she wore in kindergarten for the Fall Festival King and Queen Crowning ceremony and for pics in front of the Christmas tree.  I later committed a major fashion faux pas by letting her wear it to perform in her school's kindergarten music program.  It was springtime.  Gasp!  I become just the teeniest bit mortified each time I look back on those pictures.

Next up, wearing a Jovani dress from the aforementioned niece for her first ever pageant (our county fair).  Her hair fell flat, they had to conduct much of the contest under a tent because of a thunderstorm, the dress was (as you can tell) just a wee bit too short, plus she had to duct tape the shoes to her feet and ankles (that you can't see in the picture) to keep them from slipping up and down, BUT she had near-perfect poise and posture in her walk and ended up placing third runner-up.

Another borrowed dress from the cuz.  This one was used for her eighth grade formal.

8th and 9th grade.  Finally, it was time to purchase one of her own.  She had grown too tall to wear Megan's.  This red Maggie Sottero number was actually a wedding dress that we bought for Ren to wear as a member of the basketball homecoming court her eighth grade year.  After that, we had a little of the train taken off and used it in some pageants.   

10th grade.  The white La Femme.  Ren got some good mileage out of this one and it was a very lucky dress for her on the pageant circuit.

Her junior prom in a coral Sherri Hill.  Gorgeous dress and great color for Ren, but aside from placing in some top tens and fives she didn't do worth a flip in pageants wearing this dress.

This year's prom pick...a Mac Duggal.  We went in search of another white dress and ended up with a black one.  I thought we might need a little more bling, but Ren loves how elegant this one looks.  I'll be sure to share some prom pictures with you in a couple more months.

Have a great rest of the week.

P.S.  I realize this "Sentimental Saturday" is actually being posted on a Tuesday.  You know me, that's just how I roll.  Think of it as Tardy Tuesday. 

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