Friday, February 15, 2013

Valentine 2013 Recap

Warning:  all Valentine ideas were stolen - thanks to Google and Pinterest.  I ask you, where would we be without either of these when it comes to crafting?

Yesterday afternoon when the kids both got home from school we squeezed in a little painting project to give as a gift to Ma-Ma and Pa Gene.  This also served as a thank you gift as they offered to babysit John-Heath last night while John and I had a nice, romantic box of stale popcorn at the district boys' basketball tournament game.  Ahhh, the duties of being a school administrator and/or spouse of one. 

Since my dad (Pa Gene) is so sentimental and saves every little scrap of paper on which John-Heath and Ren write, sneeze or bleed (okay, those last two were minor exaggerations), I thought he and mom would appreciate something homemade more than they would flowers or candy (besides, they're both diabetic).  This was such an easy one that took so little time to throw together that I'm almost embarrassed to put it in a post.

I cut out a few hearts from some white cardstock.  Using a white Crayola crayon I wrote some of the same sayings you would find on candy conversation hearts.  John-Heath helped me think of these.  I was surprised and impressed at how many he knew.  I shouldn't have been, though...the boy does know his candy.  Then he, Ren and I took turns using a cheap watercolor paint set to paint the hearts.  Overlook the tin Christmas platter used above.  My holidays can sometimes merge.

We always try to get the kids a little gift on each of the main holidays - but not too much.  I am truly amazed at times at how "Christmas-like" people can get when it comes to Valentine's, Easter, etc. 

Ren got a little more this year as we sent her some flowers to school.  She normally doesn't like the attention that can come from getting flowers delivered to school but didn't mind this year since she's a senior.  Another "last" in this year full of them. 

Ren with her new Grease movie and John-Heath with The Lone Ranger.  He's never seen it before but we figured it would be right up his alley.

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday and week.  Tomorrow, I'll share with you the cards John-Heath and I made for his class party.  They turned out really cute. 

Goodnight for now,

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