Thursday, February 21, 2013

Tyla Time

A very good friend and co-worker of mine posted a picture like the one below to my Facebook wall yesterday.  I thought it was so funny and so me that I wanted to share it with all you guys in Bloggerland.  

Isn't is a hoot?  My friend knows me well.

It seems you can find these for sale in various Etsy shops or, better still, if you're crafty you can make your own using a small canvas, some paint and vinyl letters, and a clock kit.

Oh, um, by the birthday is April 17.  I mean...just in case anyone was wondering.


Anonymous said...

Ahem...If you want one of these just get the kit with a piece of wood and let me know... :) just yell up the road! 'Might can make it happen!

Tire Swing Mom said...

haha. Every morning when I pass I think, "Crap. Angie's already left for school!"