Wednesday, February 13, 2013

14 Reasons

     I don't tell you these things as often as I should but I think them most every day.  I're probably thinking today must have been the exception to the rule considering the pissy mood I've been in all afternoon.  Nonetheless, I do - and I want to shout it from the rooftop (or at least from the desk in your study throughout cyberspace) for all the world to hear.  Consider this your V-Day gift.  It didn't cost me a penny.  I know you will appreciate that.

I love you because...

- even to this day I smile when I remember seeing you arrive at band practice    
 all those afternoons so long ago.

- we made beautiful babies.

- you are an awesome “best buddy” to our daughter and “big buddy” to our son.

- you strive to be a Godly man.

- you are respectful and respected.

- you can make me roll my eyes and laugh all within the same frame of time.

- you are a hard worker with not even the tiniest lazy bone in your whole being (which
 sometimes makes me roll my eyes).

- you are a good provider for our family and, barring some catastrophic, unforeseen event, I
 always feel secure about our future.

- when we’re out shopping you drop me off at the door of the stores we visit (even though it   
 would be best if I walked).

- there is always a book on your nightstand.  Reading makes one intelligent and intelligence is sexy.

- in addition to being a great reader you are an even better writer.  

- you are a caretaker of the past.

- you are a good steward of the earth.

- you love me.

H a p p y    V a l e n t i n e ’s    D a y !!! 

P.S.  That crazy picture was taken by a cousin at a Christmas get-together for my dad's side of the family.  We were in the middle of a very riveting minute-to-win-it relay round.  That's an ornament we have between our lips.  Our mission was to hang as many ornaments on a string as possible.  It's a thousand wonders none of us came down with some disease, as those ornaments were kissed by more than just us.  Yeah, we're pretty tight, my family.  Pucker up!


Lyndy said...

This was so sweet I think I have a cavity just from reading it (jk)

That was so nice of you to post and open up your heart to us readers...

Awww thanks!

Tire Swing Mom said...

Thanks, Lyndy. I was feeling unusually mushy and gushy the day I wrote that. haha