Monday, July 19, 2010

Venting Is Good for Your Blood Pressure, Or So I've Been Told

So, we went swimming in our new pool for the first time yesterday. I was not impressed. There were some good things about it. 1.) It’s a pool. 2.) It has a pretty, dark liner that makes the water look very blue. 3) It’s a pool. Other than that my whole experience was ruined by what I felt beneath my feet. Wrinkles. Yes, wrinkleS, as in plural. There were three along the edges, one of which was quite large. At this point I would have rated the installation job as a C. Then I felt a dip, as in left by a worker’s footprint. C-. Then, as if my temper (It’s true. I can get the tiniest bit mad at times) needed a booster shot, a rock. A stinkin’, freakin’ ROCK!!!!!!!!!! UNDERNEATH THE LINER IN ALMOST THE CENTER OF THE POOL!!!!!!!!!!! Needless to say the current grade is a big ol' fat F. And if I just float and don’t actually touch the bottom it might pass with a

I know this is just an above ground and a few years down the road, when the kids are grown and gone, it will be removed. But it sickens me when you pay money to have something done and it’s not done right, be it something big or small. What has happened to quality workmanship anymore? Did the professionals not see the wrinkles in the pool when they first started adding the water? I noticed them the minute I peeked over the edge. Of course, that was after the crew had already gone. Anywhoo, I noticed and pointed it out to John. His response was, “Oh, they’ll all flatten out when it’s full of water.” Well, I got a news flash for ya, babe. It’s full of water and, yet, it still feels like the surface of a prune. A prune with a big zit, aka the ROCK!!!!!!!!

My apologies for such an “uplifting” post, but sometimes you just gotta let it out. Tune in tomorrow for a discussion on the drywall job in parts of my house.


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"Uh-oh!" is right! I have calmed down about it somewhat. I try to keep my feet up and play mind games in order to trick myself into thinking that it's the perfect pool. lol