Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Thursday Three

I thought it would be neat if every once in a while I pass along to you, my friends, some of my infinite wisdom in the form of tips, facts, or just random information. I do this because I was almost beginning to hear soft whimpers liken to “Oh, my. Another picture of her children.” Fear not, good people. I have an empty SD card so they shant be gone for long.

Now, back to those random bits of information. I will need to do this slowly, so as to not overpower you. Or is it because I don’t have an infinite amount of wisdom and it will take time to compile things that I pretend to know in which to pass along? I can never be sure.

I tried to think of some super clever title for this segment but the best I could do was The Thursday Three, or T3. Brilliant, huh? Anyway, every so often on a Thursday (see how it’s going to work?) I will pass along three morsels of information.

Now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for...(insert drum roll here)...The inaugural issue of

The Thursday Three

A different use for 3 common household supplies.

1. Shaving cream - This tip was given to me by the man who installed the hardwood floors in our new home. We all know it makes our man’s face soft to touch but did you know that it is great at removing hairspray residue from surfaces. I use it on the vanity tops in my bathrooms. Oh, and I buy the cheapest brands I can find. Spray and rub a little on and wipe off with a wet cloth. Kenny, our floor guy, said his wife had even used it on their hardwoods sparingly. I’m a little too afraid to try that but I can vouch that it does the trick safely on tile floors and Corian countertops.

2. Vinegar and newspaper - I learned this one from a janitor one day as I was leaving school. Use plain white vinegar and newspapers to clean windows. For a streak-free shine just add a couple tablespoons of vinegar to a gallon of water, spray on, then wipe off with newspaper. Not only is it easy on your wallet, it’s easy on our planet.

3. Coffee filters - If you have a problem with dirt seeping through the holes in the bottom of your flower pots just add a coffee filter or two before you add the potting soil and geraniums. The water will still be able to flow through but the dirt will remain.
Tyla (Sorry. My signature just up and vanished)
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Anonymous said...

great tip! I didn't know that about shaving cream but I do use baking soda to remove hair product build from my hair. It was really helpful back in the day when I used LOTS of hairspray. :) Chena

Tyla said...

I still use the baking soda too from time to time, but have to follow it up with a good conditioner or my hair feels like straw.