Monday, July 12, 2010

A Fairytale

Once upon a time in the Kingdom of Dunroamin there went out a decree from the king and queen that each day, following the noontime meal, children far and wide should retire for a periodic state of rest. And this time, during which consciousness of the world is suspended,would forever thereafter become known as naptime. And child-bearers all throughout the land rejoiced, for they saw that this was good.

And nowhere was the law more adhered to than in the royal household. For you see, the young king and queen were of a new, more modern era and unlike the former king and queen, and his father and mother before him, there were no house servants to tend to the daily burdens of the castle. All was now left to the king and his wife to undertake.

Now the youngest heir to the throne was the apple of his parents’ eyes and, as such, he was much beloved. Tis true he was sweet. No child in the kingdom was known to be more friendly and loving. A stranger he never met. Nevertheless, he was also untidy and generally a child underfoot. And this made the duties of the queen hard to achieve.

So each day following his tiffin Prince John would be taken first to the loo for an expeditious washing and then to the royal bed chamber to slumber. And after a story, a kiss, and the tucking of the covers, the little prince would drift off to dream.

And his mother, the queen, was happy. Yea, she was filled with joy!

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