Sunday, July 4, 2010

It's Sprinkler Time

John-Heath with his "sprinklers".
Happy 4th of July!!! Hope each of you have had a safe weekend and have been able to celebrate with family and friends. We spent last evening at Sissy's (by the way, have I ever mentioned that I call my sister "Sissy"? If you see me write about "Sissy" you'll now know of whom I am referring). She had a birthday dinner for Jonathan - her son - who turned 33 today.

The dinner was yummmmy. Megan made two big dishes of chicken casserole and used about two pounds of butter doing so. She uses my mom's recipe as her base and then adds to it. We all are about 5 pounds heavier but was it good! Rounding out the meal was fresh corn, tomatoes, green beans, fried apples, and mashed potatoes with lemon cake and brownies for dessert.

Ren, Weston and Dylan with the "hot air balloon" that landed in Sissy's front yard. We saw two more the next night. They really are a pretty little site to see floating through the evening sky.

The only bad thing about last night was that John-Heath and John were not there. J-H had been running a fever since the day before so he and his dad stayed home and had hamburgers. I promised him I would stop by and buy him some sparklers, which he calls sprinklers, on the way home, and so I did.

And this evening saw us all back at Sissy's for a few fireworks and watermelon.

Again, Happy 4th to everyone! May God continue to bless our country. And a special Happy 4th of July to me nephew. Happy Birthday!

Sissy with the birthday boy.

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