Thursday, January 19, 2012

Ren's Room Redo - Part 1

This project has been/will continue to be a work in progress so Ill have to share it with you in chunks.

Old room. Faux window, as if she doesn't have enough real ones.

Every few years I feel the need to redecorate my daughter's room. As children grow, so do their needs, tastes, & personalities. When we moved into our house Ren was in the 7th grade. The color of her room -Chocolate Mousse- was chosen because it matched an itty-bitty portion of a "Paris" canvas picture I had bought for her the Christmas before. I thought I/we would love it.

The contents of Ren's closet moved to the bonus room while we painted. Yellow arrow indicates the Paris print with itty bitty patches of the soon-to-be-gone chocolate mousse, aka mauve.

Ren's room has four windows. Yes, four…three across the northern wall and a 4th one on the western wall. Believe you me, I still gripe about that fourth one even to this day. I mean, I get codes and all, but it's not like if the house caught on fire she wouldn't have three more to crawl from, not to mention the two other windows in her bath and closet! The most eyebrow-furrowing thing about that fourth window (other than the fact that it killed perfectly good wall space)…it’s all of 12” from the 3rd window. I’m sorry, but I just can’t imagine ANY scenario in which Ren would be forced to exit her room from a window and would have to use that 4th one, instead of the 3rd one. Okay, back to the issue with the wall color.

Because of the amount of light, etc., the color ended up looking too MAUVE. Now, don't get me wrong (especially if it is your favorite color), mauve is a pretty color. I think it's a soothing color. But having had it in our first house in the late 80's/early 90's...carpet, wallpaper, placemats, lacey baskets, you name it...I was done with it. No more mauve. I tried to make it fun and cute but it just never felt like a good fit for Ren, even with all the Paris do-dads.

When I was growing up I had one pair of tennis shoes (Cugas - yuck!) and one pair of Sunday shoes.

So about a year ago we began the process of redoing it. Now, most of the bigger changes were made right away, so it's not like we've been working on it this whole time (I'm not quite that ADD). I'm only a couple steps from being finished/as-good-as-it's-going-to-get. The light at the end of any tunnel is a welcomed sight.

The Beatles and a Barbie Dream house. What more could a girl want?

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