Monday, January 9, 2012

Happy Birthday, Dear Tire Swings...

Today, I am celebrating a birthday of sorts. Two years ago on January 9, 2010, I wrote my very first blog post. Like most things I do in life it was somewhat impromptu and off the cuff. I didn’t even make it a "welcome-to-my-blog" post.

I had decided (I think it may have been a New Year’s resolution) to begin journaling events for my children, both past and present - events that is, not children. I had even bought a very nice leather journal in which I had recorded a few entries. There was a problem with that plan, though - I haaaaate the physical act of writing. Yes, I am that lazy, I’m afraid. Plus, I have a terrible handwriting. So, when I came across this great idea called blogging I knew I had found a friend.

I don’t write every day and I have gone through a dry spell or two, but I am just the teeniest bit proud of myself for sticking with it this long. There is no way my very nice leather journal would have ever contained what I have recorded here at Tire Swings. Who was I kidding! It just wasn’t going to happen. I mean, I still have Christmas letters waiting to be mailed.

So, happy birthday to me! And, gifts.

Well, okay. If you insist.


Michelle a.k.a. Farmchick said...

Happy Birthday to you!

Chena said...

Happy Birthday Tire Swings and Fireflies!