Sunday, January 1, 2012

Reading Through the Bible in One Year

As the child of a minister one might think I would have already read through the entire Bible. Not so (sadly). Although I have heard scripture for forty-one years, I have never actually read and studied through the whole body of it on my own. On more than one occasion I have begun the journey only to get sidetracked somewhere in Deuteronomy. So I was intrigued when I saw a friend's Facebook post about another of her friend's projects.

Patricia Szymanski is the author of the blog Reading the Bible in 365. She is beginning her third yearly trip through the Bible and I'm sure she wouldn't mind anyone tagging along. You can visit her site and find out all about her and her project. In fact, you can easily and quickly go back and read her December posts which lead up to the start of the study. So far, I've enjoyed what I've seen of her site and look forward to learning some things about the Bible I did not know before.


Anita said...

Tyla, that is really exciting!! I just finished reading it through for the second time. I can tell you what worked for me was to start in John, then Matthew, Mark, Luke, then on to Acts through the end of the NT. Then I went through the OT in order. I did not set a goal of reading through in a certain amount of time, rather, I read every night regardless if it's one chapter, one verse or 4 chapters. I learned that from my dad and it worked for me. It takes me about a year and a half, but there is no pressure. Also, I don't know if you have a particular translation you like, but I read KJV first because that is what I grew up with--really hard. I use the New Living Translation (Life Application) now and I love, love, love it. In any case, you will be blessed. Sorry so long, but this is a passion of mine and I love to talk about it with anyone who will listen!

Tyla said...

Thanks for commenting, Anita. I am terrible when it comes to sticking to something like this, but am certainly going to try. Two days down and so far, so good. :)