Sunday, January 8, 2012

Happy Birthday, E.P.

Reading a friend's blog today reminded me of the fact that it is Elvis' birthday. Last name not required. You don't think I'm talking about your uncle Elvis Blevins, do you? Nope. Today belongs to the king (of rock and roll, at least) himself. 77. Can you believe that? 77. That's pretty close to my mom's age. Now I love my momma, but momma was never as cool as Elvis. Of course, had Elvis spanked me with a switch when I disobeyed or rolled his hair in toilet paper at night he, too, may have lost some of the cool factor.

I don't think one has to be southern to be a fan, just as many southerners are not fans (though I can't really conceive of the notion of true born and bred southerners not liking him - at least a little), but the two just seem to go hand in hand.

It's always been rumored in my family that a certain aunt owns one of the scarves he threw out at one of his last concerts. For her personal privacy and safety I won't reveal her name publicly, but I'll try to get a picture and post it one day :)

Sitting in bed one night when I was about 12 (which was about 5 years after he passed away and a few years into the 80s) I phoned in to a radio request line to petition a song. It was a rock station. The song was "The King is Gone" by Ronnie McDowell. Ohhh, yeahhh...I was a cool one, too.

P.S. Here are a couple more fast facts about me and E.P...

1.) I waited up all night and they never played my requested song. It was one of life's earliest disappointments.

2.) My favorite Elvis is latter-day Elvis (I suppose because this is the one I remember from childhood).

3.) A fellow high school classmate always reminded me of Elvis (which is odd because he was blonde).

4.) My nephew Shane was a HUGE fan and an early impersonator, taking the stage in a high energy, first grade, white rhinestone-studded jumpsuit and all, school performance.

5.) Some of my favorite songs..."Burning Love", "How Great Thou Art", "Are You Lonesome Tonight", "An American Trilogy"...

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