Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Thursday Three

Well, I’ve just been blown away this evening. I have been honored with my first blogging award. The ever sweet Kate over at Southern Belle Simple
has awarded me the Versatile Blogger Award. Right back at ya, Kate. You’re great!

It seems that this distinction comes with a stipulation, though. In order to receive it I must list 7 things about myself. I think I might be able to do that if I wrack my brain hard enough. You remember, it hasn’t been long since I filled you guys in on 100 things about me. Surely I can come up with 7 more.

I actually had another post ready for tonight until I found out about the award. Therefore, today’s Thursday Three will need to become the Thursday Seven. And in honor of my honor I think I’ll list 7 great things I’ve won over the years.

1. $50
Once when I was about 13 my family visited Cave City, Ky (okay, stop laughing. It was only about an hour’s drive from my home and we decided to go for a couple days... every other year. I guess you can start laughing again). Anyway, at this little souvenir shop that sold a lot of things made out of cedar and corn cobs, I registered in a drawing to win $50 cash. Of course, I never thought I’d win but a few weeks later a $50 bill arrived at my house in the mail. Talk about some honest shopkeepers.
2. Most Thoughtful Girl
This honor was bestowed upon me at the tender age of nine by my 4th grade teacher as part of an end-of-the-year classroom awards day. There are some who have doubted the legitimacy of this award over the years.
3. Most Talkative
Sophomore year band awards. This award was never in doubt.
Now that's a high-quality certificate

4. Miss Southern Belle 2nd Runner-up
This was a hometown pageant to celebrate Tennessee’s bicentennial in 1986, and my first experience with an up-do.
A really UP up-do

5. 2nd place in Poetry Recitation
I recited a poem about a rose at Union University Spanish competitions held in Jackson, Tn. during my junior (?) year of high school. Versos Sencillos por Jose Marti. That means “Simple Verses by Jose Marti” and it is the only part that I can still recite today.

6. Versatile Blogger Award
Given to me by the ever fabulous Kate.

7. My husbandIt did take some wooing, especially after the french fries caper. Refer back to my May 4th post to refresh your memory about this incident.
Any guess as to the decade in which my senior prom occurred?

Thanks again. It seems only right that I now pass the award on to others. But who? I’ll have to to give that some thought and get back with you. Stay tuned.

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