Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Thursday Three - A Few Good Reads

In honor of the start of another school year ...

The Thursday Three

My Favorite Kate DiCamillo Books.

1. The Tale of Despereaux: Being the story of a mouse, a Princess, Some Soup, and a Spool of Thread - If the title doesn’t entice you, then let me just beg. Please, please, please read this story. I know you’ll love it. And if you’ve not read the book but have seen the animated film based on it, consider yourself ripped off. What a tragedy!

The fact that the book is comprised of more than 50 short chapters makes it a great one to read aloud at night to children.

I read this to several classes one year when I was librarian at the elementary school, including Ren’s class. She loved it so very much that I bought her her own copy for a Valentine’s Day gift that year.

Oh, and Despereaux was the 2004 Newbery Medal winner. That means it was the best in children’s literature for that year. Now you know you just HAVE to read it!

2. The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane - Edward is a very proud china rabbit who is deeply loved by the little girl who owns him. Sadly, he is too vain to even appreciate this love - until he is lost. This book chronicles the change Edward goes through during his time apart from Abilene. A bonus for us Tennesseans, the book starts out set in Memphis.

I remember trying to get Ren to read this one night when she was all attitude and not wanting to read. So I said I would read it aloud to her. I told her she HAD to listen to me read the first two chapters and after that she could leave and go to her bedroom. Upon finishing chapter two she said, “Keep reading.” Ahhhh!

3. The Magician’s Elephant - Orphan Peter Augustus Duchene has just one question he wants answered...Is his sister still alive? So, when he sees a fortuneteller’s tent set up in the market square he knows what he must do. The answer he receives sets off an impossible chain of events.

I just read this one this past school year. Another great story by Kate.

Happy Reading!

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