Friday, August 27, 2010

John-Heath's First Visit to the Principal's Office

Today, when I went to pick up John-Heath I was greeted with some news. As I put my car in park and sat waiting in the car-rider line for him to arrive I saw two of my friends, assistants at the school, walking towards me. These ladies were on a mission. They had a certain gleam in their eyes and a pep in their step. I was certain they had some juicy gossip to lay on my ears. I live in a small town. There's always gossip about something being spread around like fertilizer. And, yes. I have cultivated many a field too. Like I said, it's a small town.

I was mistaken. Oh, they had a story to tell. It just wasn't the type I expected to hear.

Apparently, only one week into his 13 year stint as a student, my son now knows what the inside of the principal's office looks like. No, he wasn't sent there (though that may be in his near future if he doesn't learn to settle his little hyperactive tushy down and pay attention). My son decided to take a tour of it on his own. I'm still a little unclear on all the details but the gist of the story is some point today, as his group was lined up walking somewhere, my little Marco Polo decided to detour from the pack and enter a back door to the office. His little trip took him inside Dr. Stafford's private office where John-Heath located a restroom. Upon opening the door, my son proclaims, "Mr. Principal, you sure do have a nice potty."

I am unsure where the head of the school was when this comment was made, but I am somewhat afraid to ask.

P.S. John-Heath has now decided he wants to be a school principal when he grows up. I guess when he crossed over to the other side today he liked what he saw


DSKgoatiegal said...

That was too funny! My son came home from school one day and told me that his prinicipal was like God; That he could see you everywhere at the school. (His office is surrounded by windows and he can see out in all directions)

Tyla said...

DSK, your son and mine would probably get along quite well. LOL