Monday, August 23, 2010

School + Work + Football + Volleyball = One Tired, Busy Family

Hello there. It seems like I have been away from my computer for a complete lunar cycle but, alas, it has only been 3 days. Not a lot to tell. Ren had her first football game this past Friday night. For those of you joining us in progress, Ren is one of the water girls for her high school football team. She really does enjoy it and I think she is doing an excellent job...probably the best water girl in the history of the sport (of course, I guess I'm biased).

Today, was her first volleyball game. She loves this sport. Thankfully, she is now considered part of the varsity team so once the main game is over she can leave. Last year, the team was so small in number varsity and JV were practically the same so she had to stay for both. This made for some late nights.

Though we love to see her participate in these things it sure does leave little time for many other family chores and activities. And it can also be hard on one's back side if you know what I mean, and I think you do.

As for John-Heath's day, it seems he "got a yellow card, then a red card, but then I got a green card again so it was all okay and I got to play." The kindergarten classes use a discipline system in which the children start out with a green card each day. When they misbehave, etc. they must turn or pull a card. It goes from green to yellow to red to black - which is for one really terrible thing or a whole lot of little things. John and I are taking bets on how long it will be before Mr. Black Card reveals himself.

Tonight, John went into his room where he saw pieces of paper laid out on the floor. When he asked about this John-Heath informed him that these were his students' papers. He was playing school. When John asked his name he replied, "Miss Angel", which is his teacher. John left the room but continued to listen in and heard the newest educator in our family conduct a lesson with his pupils saying things like "boys and girls, I need you to get out your paper" and "no, I need you to do this now", as he corrected some unruly child (I wonder who his inspiration was for that role?).

Well, I'm tired. Please overlook grammatical errors and the like as I don't feel inclined to go back and proofread. Headed to bed, my friends.

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