Monday, August 2, 2010

And the Winner Is...

Good morning, everyone. It’s the moment you’ve all been eagerly awaiting - announcing the winner of our first little contest. I can only imagine the pins and needles on which you’ve been these past four days. I truly hope it hasn’t been too painful for you. For me, it’s been a lot of fun - makes me want to find another reason to celebrate so we can have another giveaway. I’m working on that as we speak.

Before broadcasting the good news I would like to thank each of you for entering. I very much enjoyed reading your comments. I hope you’ll stop by to visit with me again soon. And if you just stopped by to visit and didn’t enter? Well, I want to thank you too. Come back anytime.

Now, drum roll please...

Congratulations, Kate (Southern-Belle-Simple)! I'll be in touch shortly and your gift card will be on its way. Thanks for the comment and for following.

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Each of your entries was assigned a #. Kate had entries 6,7,8.

Well, this is my last day off before heading back to begin another school year. We teachers start tomorrow and the students show up Friday for their first full day.

If you have school-age children I hope your year is wonderful and as stress-free as possible. I have one child who we be in high school and one in kindergarten. Pray for me.

Ren and I are going to “do lunch” today. I have wanted to try out the Chocolate Covered Strawberry all summer long.

P.S. In honor of our contest question, here's what kept me up late last night...I was searching online for a little cassette of lullabies we used with Ren when she was a baby. Our copy of the tape is now lost. It had a sweet little song on it about fireflies that she loved to hear. I have been desperate to remember all the words to this lullaby for some time and have searched for it on different occasions. Finally, at 2:42 this morning, a breakthrough. I think I may have found the song and its writer. Now I just need to do a lyric search to verify.


Kathy in KY said...

Hi Tyla - thanks for your wonderful email. I am going to suggest a website you might want to visit that has the USDA standards for preserving food in many ways - it's connected with the Univ of GA - here is the website It's the Nat'l Center for Home Food Preservation. It gives a tutorial on canning, etc, and has a ton of recipes. And the Ball Blue Book of canning is a good place to start as well - they use many of the same recipes that are on the website. If you want to try something simple, you can do some jam or jelly or preserves - those are all done in a Boiling Water Bath, like acidic foods like tomatoes, and don't take a lot of preparation and processing time. I've not done a lot of canning this year, but hope to do some during the Fall and Winter, when I'll be able to get turkeys on sale around the holidays. You're sure starting school early this year? I remember not starting till after Labor Day when I was young, and then we went till the first week of June. Good luck with the kids this year. Take care, from KY.

Kate (Southern-Belle-Simple) said...

yay! thanks for doing such a cool giveaway! i'm so excited to have won!

Tyla said...


Thanks for all the information. This will be amusing to all those who know me personally, but canning is something I would love to be able to do. But since I don't cook (that much) I'm not sure I would ever be good at it. I tried tomatoes once some time ago, actually a long, long, long time ago. My little effort was not successful.

I also wish I knew how - or took the time to learn how - to freeze things. I love fried corn!!!

Thanks again.

Tyla said...


Congrats, again!