Thursday, August 26, 2010

For My Friend

Seth with little brother Caleb
Today, a friend was not at work. Instead, she and her husband had taken the day off to move their oldest into his college dorm. I know this is a bittersweet day for her, as it is for all parents moving their children into dorms and apartments for the first time. It wasn't too long ago that this little blonde-headed boy was sitting near us in church looking through the sticker books and such his mom always made sure to pack. In another day or two, he will be looking through engineering texts. It reminded me of the poem I read years ago and posted just a few months back. Forgive me, but in honor of my friend and her new college freshman I am posting it again today.
He used to call her mommy at the tender age of four.
Then it changed to momma as he grew a little more.
Later, it was mom - with a tone of disrespect.
And now away at college he only calls collect.

So long, mommy! I'm off to TTU.

Seth, call your mom often!!!

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Anonymous said...

Tyla, I needed some of your humor, so I was surfing through some of your older posts. I saw this and realized I never thanked you properly. I'm sure this means nothing to anyone but me, but I cherish it. I am happy to say that he survived his first year away from home and is heading back this fall. Before you can turn around, you will be posting about your experiences with this! Enjoy, dear friend, the time that is left - I know you are!!! Angie