Tuesday, May 4, 2010

100 Facts About Me - Volume deuce

21. I am habitually late for everything-have been since high school.

22. My first car, besides the green bomb and it doesn't count because it was my parent's, was a Mercury Topaz.

23. I was in the band - percussion section. Bass drum, bells, and xylophone. Ohhh how I longed to play the snare drum. Darn those double-stroke drum rolls - never could get the hang of them!

24. On one of the first nights after returning from our honeymoon John and I stayed at my sister's house. We slept in my nephew's room on his water bed. During the night I had a snake dream and jumped up yelling, "Snakes!!!Snakes in the bed!!!" - at which point I tried to jump out of the bed, caught my foot in the sheets, and landed face first on the floor in .04 of a second. I was always sooo graceful.

25. I once received Soft Soap as a Christmas gift from an in-law who shall remain nameless. This was my only gift from this person that year. Yes, soap. For Christmas. And it wasn't even one of those resplendent soap-on-a-ropes. It was SOFT SOAP in a pump bottle!!!

26. Two of my favorite movies are Gone With the Wind and To Kill a Mockingbird. Duh, born and bred southerner here.

27. Passed on the chance to stay with a relative in NYC for a week in 1985 because Power Station (and without Robert Palmer) was coming to the Municipal Auditorium. Words like idiot, nimrod, blockhead, ignoramus, dumbbell, nitwit, and nincompoop come to mind now.

28. I was the 2nd Runner-Up Miss Southern Belle in 1986, as part of a celebration in my hometown to honor Tennessee's Bicentennial.

29. My husband was sort of the assistant director for my band when I was in high school. This is where we met. We began dating during my senior year. I guess this kind of thing might be frowned upon now.

30. If you are easily sickened don't read this one....In getting to know John over the years in school I found he detested to be around sick people, a real germaphobe, so as a joke on the band bus during my junior year I chewed up a bunch of french fries from a recent stop at McDonald's, feigned feeling sick, and spit up the entire contents of my mouth in John's direction (into a bunch of paper towels I just happened to have in my hands).

31. He still asked me out.

32. But it took a year.

33. I was a "grave/ghost hopper" in my youth, which is to say I enjoyed going to thought-to-be haunted places.

34. I'm one of the one-in-three Americans who believe in ghosts.

35. Despite that, socially and politically I tend to be more conservative.

36. I have attended one Presidential Inaugural Ball - Clinton's. Okay, so maybe I'm not that conservative.

37. Sadly, I have never been off the continent of North America.

38. I lllove turnip greens. Yummm, Yummm.

39. The first car I ever bought myself was a new, red Mustang - got a great deal on it.

40. Two weeks later found out Ford was changing the body style of the Mustangs. My new car was already a has been.

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