Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Weekend - Where Did It Go and Why Am I So Tired?

John-Heath and cousin Dylan after playing against each other. Unfortunately, team orange was victorious.

John and I both feel wiped out. And it's not even because we've had that busy a weekend. Ren and I went to the graduation Saturday and then John-Heath had a soccer game that day too, but other than that there was nothing else causing us to rush through the weekend.

John-Heath with his first trophy. He thought getting one was pretty cool and told Ren she could set it up on the shelf in her bedroom with all of hers.

John thinks it may be the mowing and weedeating of 5 acres every week. And, though he has always maintained that he would never enjoy living in a subdivision, even a posh one like Fairvue, he freely admits it would have its advantages and even suggested selling everything and moving some place with a smaller yard. Of course, we won't. Not until the kids are both out of school, at least. And since our little surprise is not yet 5 it looks like we'll be here for about 13 more years.

Anyway, with no energy to write anything else I'll just have to settle for posting a few pics from the weekend.

Ren and one of her friends at the graduation ceremony - just three more years and they'll be walking the line (hopefully)

Here's looking forward to the last week of school.

Ren and her cousin playing around before church this morning.

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