Monday, May 17, 2010

The Power Within

My children love each other. I know they do. However, to the untrained eye it might not appear this way. They can fight at the drop of the hat. Ren gets very easily perturbed by John-Heath (who can be quite the annoyance to a big sister who is a teenager) and sometimes will say things for which she later apologizes. Of course, John-Heath rarely needs one to step in to defend him. He manages quite nicely on his own - verbally or physically. Sometimes a little too physically. At any rate I doubt he will get bullied at school. Which is a good thing.

This weekend, Ren was trying to tell us all the details of seeing the new Nightmare on Elm Street movie with some friends. John-Heath was trying, at the same time, to tell us something, anything. He just likes to talk. I can't hold that against him though, as I have a whole list of former teachers who would back me up when I say he gets it genetically. Anyway, at some point Ren says to him, "Sometimes I wish you'd just stop breathing." (This would be a case of her saying something without thinking it through and then later feeling bad that it came out that way). John-Heath's reply was "Uh, Ren! I can't help it. God made me and He put that power in me." I thought that was pretty cute. It's nice to know that even children as young as four know their very breath is a precious gift from God.

A mini-moment...John, John-Heath, and I went out to eat this weekend. While John was paying John-Heath and I excused ourselves and went and waited in the little breezeway between the sets of doors. It was pouring down rain and I told John-Heath that it was raining cats and dogs. After explaining to him what that meant he thought he would announce it to everyone entering or exiting the restaurant, "Sure is raining cats and dogs, huh?".

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