Wednesday, May 12, 2010


I stayed home this morning with John-Heath who has been feverish since yesterday morning. John stayed with him all day yesterday and came home at midday today to stay with him throughout the afternoon. Any other time I would jump at the chance to be home with him all day except that

1.) This is a busy time of the year for me with library books and textbooks being due, Battle of the Books coming up, and lots of overdue and fine notices needing to be sent


2.) John has like a gazillion sick leave days and I have four. Actually, I have many more than four but I don't have a gazillion and that is why John gets to stay home with him.

Sometime around 5:45ish and after sending out a few school-related emails I burrowed again beneath my covers. John and Ren left the house before 7 so that Ren could get to school a little earlier for math tutoring. At some point after this I was joined by my sickly one and we snuggled together and fell asleep. A little after 10 my heavy eyelids gradually opened. Turning my head to the left I saw my little boy - wide awake and looking at me.

"Mommy, why were you snoring?"

"I was snoring?"


"What did it sound like?"

"Like this!

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