Sunday, May 9, 2010

My Mom Betty

Momma and Me - August 6, 1988

May 9, 2010. Mother's Day. A day when we honor those women in our lives who nurtured us through childhood and helped us become, for better or worse, what we are today. I had considered for a moment writing an eloquent "thank you" letter to my mom for all those things throughout my 40 years (and my sister's 56 years) she has done - all the times she did without so I could have, the spoiling she did out of a desire for my youth to be easier than hers had been (I think she may have regrets about the level of this spoiling though), the leaving of a job to be a stay-at-home mom when the money would have come in handy in order to be there to see me off on the bus to school and greet me when it brought me home, the clean clothes that magically appeared in my drawers and closets and the meals that always filled our table. Yes, there are many reasons for which I should honor my mother . My words, however, could never do them justice.

Therefore, a few simple thoughts on the woman who gave me life.

Marvelous cook.

Yielded her heart to Christ years ago and never looked back.

Ma - Ma to five grands and two greats.

Obsessively clean in her housekeeping - a trait that was not passed on through shared DNA.

Married to my Daddy for 59 years and counting.


Ever there for me.

Temperamentally hot on occasion, yet tender-hearted (these traits were passed along).

Takes her card playing seriously.

Yearns for, at age 77, the health of youth.

Momma and me - 1970 or 71.

My parents still have this table and chair set in use in their breakfast nook and it looks practically new.

Happy Mother's Day, Momma! And thank you - for everything.

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