Tuesday, May 11, 2010

100 Things About Me - Acte Trois

41. I have not been formally trained to speak or write in French.

42. I do know how to use an online English-to-French translator, though. Check out the title to this post. Huh? How 'bout that? Acte Trois. That means "act three".

43. I do not particularly enjoy cooking (remember...pancake chicken?).

44. I am a night owl, albeit an older night owl. I tend to stay up late and sleep in late on weekends and during the summer. If we ever have to add time on to the school day my vote will be to add it to the end of the day.

45. My husband is a pretty lousy gift giver (ok, that is a fact about him - but one that greatly impacts me).

46. To take my niece trick-or-treating I once dressed as a bunch of grapes AFTER I had gained bunches of weight. Not a pretty picture. And to answer your question - no. All photographic evidence has been destroyed.

47. I routinely break the tenth commandment. Oh, don't go dragging out your Bibles. I'll tell you. It is the Thou Shalt Not Covet rule. Don't think I'm proud of it, but I do frequently find myself seeing something someone else has and thinking, "Oooh. I want one".

48. There are three things I hate about going to the beach: sand, seaweed, and saltwater. Other than that we're in good shape.

49. I have been known to play pranks, mostly harmless ones but there have been a couple of which I have since repented.

50. My daughter was planned...reeaallly planned. I mean using-a-thermometer-and-a-chart-planned.

51. My son was sooooo an accident.

52. My daughter looked more like John when she was a baby and favors me somewhat now.

53. My son was the spitting image of me as a baby and is beginning to resemble John more now, though he'll always have my eyes.

54. I played on a faculty volleyball team and became accustomed to hearing my coach and co-worker Manny yell, "Move your feet, Tyla". Despite my non-feet-moving we were pretty good and Manny and I remain friends to this day.

55. My daughter plays volleyball now and regularly hears me say, "Move you feet!"

56. I once purposely misbehaved to get myself assigned to detention because I saw a certain cute guy's name on the detention list. Upon arriving in detention that afternoon I found that said cute guy had wiggled his way out of detention.

57. My favorite toys as a child were my Barbies. I had tons and kept them even after getting married.

58. Lost all my Barbies when the storage facility which John and I rented caught fire and burned to the ground in 1995.

59. I have never flown (we are the royal family of road trips though) and now I think I might have a fear of flying.

60. I know I have a fear of washing dishes due to this one terribly traumatic incident from my childhood/mid- teens in which my father stood over me (belt in hand) and made me wash the supper dishes. Swallowing hard and bravely forcing my hand into the water, DIRTY DISH WATER might I remind you, I pulled up what I thought to be the rag and there, draped over my fingers, was a slimy tomato slice. My eyes rolled back in my head and I passed out on the spot!

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