Monday, August 5, 2013

School Supplies Giveaway WINNER


Drum roll, please...

The winner of our little drawing for a bag of goodies to start this school year is Ms. Jean Carter (Ms. Jean, you can thank John for picking the card on which your name was written).  Give me a day or two and I'll get you your booty.  I know you've bought plenty of these items over the years.  Enjoy the freebies!!!
Today, my school system headed back to work...which meant the start of year 28 for John (and his 3rd as an assistant principal) and year 21 for me. 
It seems like just yesterday I was standing in the hall at my former elementary school with a few fellow teachers and we were all looking at our TCRS (Tennessee Consolidated Retirement System) statements.  These statements always list the years you've taught, the money you've saved toward retirement, etc.  They also list the year at which you can retire with full benefits (30 years).  I'll never forget what my friend Debbie, a 3rd grade co-worker who only had a few years to go before she was able to retire, said when she saw my statement..."If I had that many years to go I think I'd just shoot myself." 

I guess what they say is true...time flies when you're having fun.  Though there have been many "long days" over the years, it has been an awesome job and I feel blessed to have taught some wonderful students and to have worked with some fabulous people, including Debbie, who passed away this summer from her third courageous battle with cancer.  I was the baby on that team and what I learned from her, Susie and Wanda (plus so many others) cannot be learned from a book or a college class or professional development.  I salute you, one and all.
Today, was also the first day of third grade for my little man.  According to what he said just before I took the picture below, cool kids carry their backpacks on just one shoulder.

Here's to a cool year for us all!

P.S.  This first day back was just a little bittersweet, though.  It is the first year in many I have not been able to take a picture of my Ren on this day.  She didn't mind.  She thought sleeping in was so much better.


Anonymous said...

Tyla, I feel your pain, and you know why (refer to your post three years ago)! It gets a little easier over time, but I still felt a little tear form when I read your entry. Jason & I saw Ren tonight at LaQuesadilla, and I thought about you guys - yes, it flies right on by... Angie

Pat@Life At Lydias House said...

I hope that you all have a very "cool" year! I know that the start of a new year always brings mixed emotions! Thanks for your visit to my blog and especially thanks for the comment!