Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Lexie's Luncheon


This past Saturday, Ren, along with another friend Sydney, hosted a surprise baby luncheon for one of her very best gal pals, Lexie.  These girls have all known each other for what seems like forever.  They've spent many a night at my house over the years and have bookoodles of stories to tell between them (Ren will always remember the night she ruined her favorite pair of Buckle jeans falling in a ditch...while running from a dog...while out trying to roll a friend's house with Lexie).  Shortly, they will all go their separate ways as they head off into life. 
Ren, Lexie, Sydney, and Alexis
"Let me apologize beforehand, Lexie, in case
I stick you with the pin"
How many monkeys does it take to pin on a corsage?
Waiting on some yummy food at
and cupcakes from Gigi's.
 Present time
The soon-to-be mommy with her mommy

I was really impressed with what a great job the girls did.  I think Ren probably worried the socks off the people at TCCS calling to confirm the reservations she had made, and reconfirming on one or two other occasions, but I am proud of how responsible she was about it all. 
This fun weekend was all about Lexie, though, with the luncheon on Saturday and a shower hosted by family on Sunday.  Come late September the real fun begins, and Ren and I can't wait to meet little Miss Adalynn.

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