Sunday, August 25, 2013

Ren's New Chapter

Thirteen years ago when Ren started kindergarten I hid in the kitchen of the cafeteria at her school to video her first school lunch. 
She spotted me as she was going through the serving line.  I was a teacher at the school and was able to be a part of those years with her.  When she started middle school in the fifth grade she was in school with her dad.  I transferred there two years later and was with her once again.  She was finally "on her own" in high school.  That experience was short-lived, as John became the school's assistant principal at the start of her junior year.  So, for thirteen years of school we have been a part of that ride for eleven of them.  For the most part, it was a very pleasant experience and her dad and I feel blessed to have been able to witness much of it from front row seats.

Tomorrow, she begins college.  Because she is still seventeen her father and I begged her to stay close and attend a nearby community college (the same one he and I both attended for our first two years).  She agreed.  I know she would love to be going off to school somewhere but she has never acted resentful over the fact that we asked her to stay close.  We figure we are killing a couple birds with the proverbial stone...

She, again, is still a little on the young side and this will give her time to mature. 
Therefore, I won't have to start anxiety medication just yet. 
and 2...
She will finish her first two years with NO DEBT. 
Therefore, her father won't have to start anxiety medication just yet.

If her major doesn't change (Fine Arts) she'll be going away soon enough, so we plan on super-cherishing this next year or two.

Dearest Ren:  As you are not home tonight, I hope you'll see this.   I want you to know how much I love you, how proud I am of you, how excited I am for you and how wonderful I think you will do.  And remember the saying that I have always associated with you..."Shine, said the moon.  And so I did." 
Go forth and shine, Renny!

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