Thursday, August 22, 2013

John-Heath Gets Court-Martialed

Three of the things I love most about my son are his tenacity, strong-willed personality and adventurous spirit.  Three things about my son that drive me absolutely loony bin nuts which cause me grief are his tenacity, strong-willed personality and adventurous spirit. 

If you've followed along with me on this blogging experiment very long you'll recall that my husband, children and I live on my husband's small family farm (I get amused when I see 5 acre tracts of land for sale advertised as "plantation-like", "grand estates", "horse ranches", etc.  I'm sure people in Texas find that equally funny).  Anyway, the 150 acres or so on which we live is far from plantation-like or grand but it is a pretty awesome big back yard.  One sister-n-law keeps a few horses on it.  The other sister-n-law's husband keeps a hangar and a few planes on it.  We have no horses or planes but John and the kids love to go for walks (Ophidiophobe me not so much - "ophidiophobe" is the technical term for someone who would pee their/her/my pants should they/she/I see a snake). Of the farm, we are all quite blessed to have been left with such a gift.

My son, aka Captain Winters or Captain Speirs or "Buck" Compton or "Babe" Heffron or any one of the fantastic men of Easy Company from Band of Brothers he may be portraying at the moment, could name few places he'd rather be than somewhere out on this vast playground.  Many times, like yesterday, he is dressed in his medals-adorned camo and boots and is on patrol - no doubt on the lookout for Nazis.

My son's creative, adventurous, role-playing spirit is often at odds with his somewhat helicopter mother.  One hundred fifty acres is not huge by any stretch of the imagination but can seem massive when I am looking for 65 pounds wrapped in camouflage.
After making phone calls which went unanswered and searching high and low, we finally found him on the other side of the farm...a mere fifteen feet or so from the old highway.  Decked out in his army green, he was lying flat on his stomach, Nerf rifle in hand shooting down passing vehicles.
And so, because he advanced beyond the approved boundaries and failed to follow the orders of his superior officers (aka his dad and I) he has been court-martialed (aka grounded from playing in his uniform until Saturday).

P.S.  I really wish I had had a camera on me when we first spotted him.  Of course, these times I set out to look for my missing son, taking a camera is far from the first thing on my mind.


Sonya@Beyond the Screen Door said...

Honestly, Tyla I think you should write a children's book! The Adventures of John Heath. A Best Seller for sure! :) A boy version of Junie B Jones!

Michelle said...

You have to love his spirit!

*I think you asked if I used beer or water in my corned beef recipe. I did use beer. It was great!

Tire Swing Mom said...

Sonya, I had never thought of that before but he is the boy version of JBJ! My daughter LOVED those books. In second and third grade she could read a whole book in one night.

Tire Swing Mom said...

Michelle, I do (though it makes for a very nervous momma many times). I'm going to have to try that recipe. It sounded delish!